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Born on august 9th 1957 in Grenoble, France.

From 1972-1977, after his secondary education,  self-taught learning, Serge Houppin creates several musical groups, in wich he alternately intervenes as a singer, a guitarist and a keyboardist. He learns sound, electronic instruments and stammering of musical computing.

From 1978 till 1981, Serge Houppin creates an audiovisual company in Athens with Lucas Arvanitidis and Jean-Pierre Maurin. He composes and realizes  musics, soundtracks and scenarios. The main customers were Aluminium of Greece (Péchiney), the Greek Ministry of Environnement, projections for Beijing's Opera Tour.


In 1982, Serge Houppin meets the choreographer Jean-Claude Gallotta and Henry Torgue ( composer ) with whom he will compose and realize all the musics of the shows creates from 1982 till 1995 by Jean-Claude Gallotta, giving birth to Torgue-Houppin's duet.

Both composer and sound designer, in tour, Serge Houppin designs and sculpts the sound space shows. His live mixes highlight and accompany the intimacy of dance.

In 1992, Serge Houppin creates with Pascal Gravat (dancer and singer) and Jean-Pierre Costanziello (guitarist) “LOCAL“, an underground rock band , which he composes most of the titles and plays on stage as a guitarist in “Don Juan's Legend“.

Since 1995, Serge Houppin has also been composing for Philippe Genty (Théâtre d' images) : “Voyageur immobile“, “Dédale“, “La fin des Terres“, as well as for numerous TV movies, “Parc Astérix“ and diverse choreographies.

Edited at Spalax, Hopi-Mesa and now Music Box Publishing, his musics are the objet of a plentifull

discography and an international commercial distribution.

Serge Houppin also participates in cultural regional adventures as the last 3 parades of the Lyon's dance Biennial event, with the choreographer and comedian Christophe Delachaux.

On these occasions, “Les 40 batteurs“ and “La chorale Orféo“ came to participate in the parade by interpreting his musics.

In parallel, under the pen name “x-incognito“, he leads diverses combining musical experiments, poet, painter, video director and musicians of different universes, in variable geometry factual shows.

Other exploration under the pen name “zac 118“ such as the meeting with “crinoid“ are going to open an electro breach in his musical inspiration, as a return to  instrumental sources of his debuts.


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